Goodbye to you,

My good friend is boarding a plane to Afganastan in 27 hours. Going through bootcamp, becoming a Marine and going to war, all for what? To pay for school.

I know that the military has a good deal that they will pay for schooling if you enlist, but sending someone to war just so that they can learn? That seems a little extreme.

I know, most people would say “why not just apply for scholarships?” But not everyone can win scholarships that easily if they were just an average student.

I honor and respect ANYONE who is in any form of the miltary, I truly do. I just think that the military sending people to war is a big risk for someone who could be one of the next big businessmen.


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Words of wisdom from Mr. Obama

“Because in the United States of America, no one should go broke because they chose to go to college.”-President Barack Obama

Currently watching the State of the Union address that President Obama is giving right now. It’s shocking to me how many college students are interested in this sort of stuff, and not just me. But then again, I do go to a journalism school.

Barack’s currently discussing college’s. Announcing that students will only have to pay 10% of their student loans if they go into a career with public services. THAT’S PRETTY FREAKIN’ SWEET.

I’m a big fan of Barack, and Joe too.
For those of you haters out there (thanks for watchin’), please tell me how you would improve what he’s doing. The things he does to help the common person. Not the country as a whole, not the rich people, not the war. But the COMMON person who has lost their jobs, their health care, can’t put their children through college, and can’t get loans.

I’m thankful for being able to sit in my dorm and watch this speech, and know that the world isn’t perfect, but there is a man out there who is attempting to do things to the best of his ability to help the people who are the future of this country.

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Rise and shine

Morning All,

I just want to thank everyone for reading the site, and commenting! I think I’m going to make a couple changes soon (for the better) !
Now that it’s the second week of school and all, things are starting to get busy, so I might not be posting as often. But hopefully the content is just as good!

Have a fantastic day everyone 🙂

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A. Franz exclusive music video

Hey guys,

This is Mr. Andrew Franz’s music video that he directed himself. Andrew and I went to high school together, and he is now majoring in film school. This kid has some mad skills. Chris Le, the kid starring (and rapping) also went to our high school.

I think what these kids are doing is soo awesome, and I love this video. It’s brilliant.


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The best things in life are free.

Went to NAU today in an attempt to go snowboarding. Long story short, that unfortunately didn’t happen. I got to spend some time with my little brother though.
And my best friends.

I’d like to say something inspirational about how great of a trip it was. But all I’ve got to say is that it’s necessary to escape from reality sometimes, and enter into another world.

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Nothing puts a smile on my face like finding a dope deal!

College students are ALWAYS looking for a cheap deal, right? I know I am. And with my new found love for snowboarding, I feel the need to share this website.

This website has one deal at a time, ranging from snowboards, snowboarding apparel and accessories, Skull Candy’s, aaaaand skate boarding things.

Check it out.

I think I’m going to begin posting random pictures. It’ll be like a mini photo-essay, one picture at a time. Put the pieces together, and you’ll get a little insight to my life.

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Help me, help you.

Watch for this music video to premiere on this blog, soon!

One of my good friends (also the one who made our super cool banner!) is a film production major, and has created a music video using a friend. I know both of these kids, and I can guarantee that it’ll be worth watching.

On that note, if anyone has things they’re trying to promote, I’d love to post them on here. I think this blog could be great to use for advertisement, and then my blog also gets more views.

Don’t be a stranger.

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